Foreclosure Signs

Specializing in prompt and complete foreclosure sign services
for Attorneys appointed as Committee for Sale by the Superior Court.
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What information do you need?

1.) The date of the sale.
2.) The deposit amount required.
3.) The Attorney name, address, and phone number
4.) The case caption and docket number

For accuracy, please send us a scan or fax a copy of the court order, which contains the above information.


What does the sign look like and what is it made of?

The sign is a 24″ high X 36″ wide white coroplast sign with black letters. Our signage is affixed with wood or metal stakes or, where applicable, affixed to fencing or similar structure.


When should I place my order?

You can place your sign order as soon as the date passes for you to begin work as Committee for Sale. In order to be compliant with the court order, you should give us at a minimum 6 business days notice before any deadline to get a sign up.


What is the fee and payment details?

Our complete foreclosure sign service, which includes preparation, erection and photographing for inclusion in the committee report, in compliance with court orders. You will be billed, however NO FEE IS DUE until your fees are paid.


Do all foreclosure sales require a sign?

All residential and commercial foreclosure sales require the erecting of a foreclosure sign on the property at least 20 days before the sale, but not longer than 30 days prior to the sale. The only exception is the committee is not required to place a sign where the property is a condominium or cooperative, unless the property is a stand alone building unit in a common interest community.
(JD-CV-81 Uniform Procedures for Foreclosure by Sale Procedures- Instructions to Committee)
(JD-CV-79 Foreclosure by Sale Standing Orders)


Can you email me a photo of the property?

Yes! We are happy to help you with any other special request. Some of our customers use our photos in the newspaper advertisement for the sale.


What is included in your sign report?

Our sign report includes at least two color photos of the property and the posted sign. Our report will include the date and time of erecting. Sign reports are typically sent the same day as erecting and will be emailed as a PDF and the original with our invoice will be mailed or dropped off to your office. View a sample report here.


What happens if the sale is cancelled?

If the sale is cancelled and not going forward, you should contact us immediately to cancel. If your sign has already been constructed, you will be billed and you should submit the sign cost as part of your Committee costs or motion.


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Note: Foreclosure sign services are not a service provided by or under the authority given a Connecticut State Marshal, but rather a service provided by Office Support of Connecticut LLC. Questions should be directed to Office Support of Connecticut LLC at (203) 684-3100