What is a state marshal?

State Marshal Brian Mezick is an appointed official, authorized to work as an independent contractor, and a public officer with the status of peace officer, to make service of process in Connecticut civil judicial and administrative proceedings and to do legal executions. Connecticut State Marshals are appointed by county and work within their county unless authorized by law to go to other counties, or to work statewide.

State Marshal Brian Mezick performs a critical function in the necessary fair, efficient and effective administration of the judicial and administrative law system and the enforcement of judgments, and orders.  Connecticut State Marshals are an essential part of implementing the constitutional rights of individuals to access to courts and due remedies.


What do state marshals do?

State Marshal Mezick can be hired directly by citizens, attorneys, the state, businesses, or others who need to give notice to others of civil court proceedings, such as court and small claims actions, subpoenas, family court orders, or administrative proceedings, or other areas where civil process is needed.  State Marshal Mezick can also be contracted to enforce the collection of judgments, or other court or administrative orders, in which money needs to be collected or property claimed.  Such actions include wage, bank and property executions, evictions and tax warrants.

Connecticut State Marshals are also assigned to courthouses throughout the state at specific times to accept restraining orders issued by the court in domestic matters.

For general information on civil proceedings, such as court forms, publications on small claims and landlord/tenant matters,  see the Judicial Branch web site at www.jud.ct.gov.


How is a state marshal paid?

State statutes set the framework for fees for hiring state marshals.  In general, there are fees for the service of civil process, signature endorsements, travel, copies, or other items authorized by statute.  In executions to collect money or property the fees are set at 15% of sums collected.    The Judicial Branch issues fee waivers in restraining order and family matters and can also grant fee waivers based on indigence in other civil matters.  Please contact State Marshal Mezick with questions.

About State Marshal Mezick


State Marshal Mezick has experience in civil litigation matters, having worked as a paralegal in a law firm working on civil litigation, including evictions, foreclosures, divorce, personal injury and collections.

Marshal Mezick was born and raised in CT and received his degree from University of Maryland in Criminology and Criminal Justice.

Marshal Mezick is also involved with the Dominican Republic Mission Team where he assists in providing desperately needed medical clinics, food distribution, construction, and other projects, assisting Haitian workers, and coordinating a large annual fundraiser for projects in the Dominican Republic in addition to leading a team of 40 people to the D.R. each November.

Marshal Mezick strives to exceed your expectations as your CT State Marshal, providing prompt and reliable service of process, evictions and collection of Connecticut judgments.

Tel. (203) 684-3100